Connecting and setting up QuickBooks

Integrating QuickBooks with Volopay will automatically export all your expense data from Volopay into QuickBooks for reconciliation.

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To connect your Volopay account with QuickBooks: Go to the "Accounting" tab in the Volopay dashboard:

  • Once connected with QuickBooks account, user can sync all Chart of Accounts and Vendors with Volopay account by just clicking the option in Quickbooks setting.

**[Note: Above setting for syncing Vendors is not required in case of Syncing Volopay Reimbursements if settled manually]

  • After syncing, the accounting fields will now show all the Chart of Accounts of Quickbooks and user can choose to add or delete a few to keep it simpler in Volopay.

  • User can also choose a default bank account by selecting the relevant one from the dropdown below. On doing so, any Topup/fundings into Volopay account will be synced to QBO by taking into consideration this bank account by default.

**[Note: Above setting for Default bank account is not required for Syncing Volopay Reimbursements if settled manually]

You can set QuickBooks as mandatory tags in each budget, to link all your transactions with your accounting software.

Checkout accounting process in Volopay to understand how you can reconcile all your expenses with QuickBooks here.

For Reimbursements exclusively, check out this here to Sync expenses.


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