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Contact the Volopay sales team and receive an invite to join. You can onboard your company onto Volopay only after receiving our invite mail.

1. Invite mail from Volopay

You will receive an invite email with a subject line “Volopay invitation" from “[email protected]” (please check your spam folders as well)

2. Accept the invite and set password

Click on ["Join the team"] button. This will land you on the onboarding page as shown below:

Now, choose a password of your choice, which should contain a minimum of 1 capital letter, 1 small case, 1 number and 1 special character in it.

Note: The password you submit here will be required to login to your Volopay account.

3. Login into Volopay

Once you set a password, you will be directed to your Volopay subdomain ( again. Enter your email and the password submitted in the previous step by you, as shown below:

4. Onboarding of user

On successful login, you will land on the ["Profile"] section of the Dashboard, as shown below:


Note: You cannot access the remaining tabs until you complete all the steps.

  1. Fill all the personal details and click on ["Continue"] button. As a part of the second step, you will receive an OTP on the phone number submitted by you.

  2. Next, enter the details regarding your identity.

Note: If your nationality is not Singaporean and neither you are a permanent resident of Singapore, then you need to provide the 'Foreign Identification Number' or Passport details.

3. Finally, if you are sure about all the details you just entered - then submit all the documents for KYC by clicking on the ["Submit For KYC"], as shown below:


Signing up is only one step and all you need to do is to fill all the personal details and click on ["Continue"] button.

5. KYC Approval

Once you finish the onboarding flow, for most cases the KYC gets approved automatically.

Other scenario could be -Your application will be submitted to the compliance officer for verification and completion of KYC. Approval of KYC can typically take 1 to 2 working days. In some cases, compliance officers might request a video call for verification purposes.
Note: We will be integrating MyInfo to make this process more seamless.

Once your KYC is approved by the officer, we will send you an email, and you can login again and start using Volopay.

If you badly want to start using our cards and don’t want to wait for KYC to be approved. You can request the Volopay team to approve your application as minimum KYC when the complete KYC process is pending.

"Please note that there may be updates on this topic from the time of publishing. We recommend reaching out to your account manager, or drop us a chat message, to clarify your concerns. Thank you!"

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