Once your first Volopay account is KYC approved and you get access to our dashboard. We would recommend the following steps:

1. Add people into your Volopay account

Use the Volopay web app to add people from your organization.

To get started creating a user, navigate to the [“People”] page. Click on ["Add People”] and invite the members as shown below:

2. Activate Physical Card 

  • Go to the ["Wallet"] tab.

  • Click on ["Activate Card"].

  • Enter the Proxy number provided to you by the admin & click on ["Activate Card"].

You can see a notification window at the bottom as - "Card activated successfully". Also, you can see the "Active" status displayed on your card.

3. Creating Budgets

Here is a quick step instruction on how to create a budget.

  1. Click on "+" button at the top right corner in the Budgets section.

  2. Give a budget name

  3. Select the type of budget - one-time/recurring budget.

  4. Set monthly recurring limit (if applicable)

  5. Choose an expiration date ( only applicable for one-time budget)

  6. Select budget owners (at least 1 & can be changed at any time)

  7. Select members of budgets (can be changed at any time)

  8. Click on Save Changes.

4. Settings funds 

In the [“People”] tab of a budget, you can set funds to a person’s physical card or a virtual card if they have one assigned to them.

5. Create virtual cards

  1. The Budget-owners can create virtual cards by going to the virtual card section and clicking on the (+) button at the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Fill the card name & select the card type.

  3. Enter the expiry date (for burner cards only).

  4. Select the budget from which the amount will be allocated.

  5. Select the owner of the card & enter the initial amount desired in the card.


  • Burner Card - These are tied to the available funds in a budget and expire in 7 days unless you specify a closing date. They are often used as a one-time payment card.

  • Recurring/Subscription Card - These cards reset on the 1st of every month with the amount that is set as a limit when created. They are mainly used for the payment of fixed monthly charges of any service/software like -Hubspot, Mandrill, AWS, etc.

These allow you to tie one card number to one vendor in order to have complete control over your spending. You will never be overcharged now.

6. Adding funds 

You will need to add funds into your account before you can actually fund your cards or do any expenses. Learn more.

If you have any other questions, send us a message through chat, we'll be happy to help.

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