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All about roles : Admin, Budget owner, Member & Accountants
All about roles : Admin, Budget owner, Member & Accountants
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These are people who have full access to the Volopay web platform. They have the responsibility of adding people of their company, ordering replacement cards, assigning roles to people, and creating budgets. Admins have the ability to view all transactions and export data as needed. To know more, check out our - Admin quick start guide.

Budget Owner

There may be one or more Budget owners assigned to each budget by the Admin. Budget owners have the ability to send or approve funds within the designated budget; this can also be done through the mobile app. Also, they have access to several budget features within the Volopay web app and their key responsibility is to review expenses made by other members.


They only have access to funds within the budgets that have been approved for them by the Budget owner or Admin. All transactions made by Members may be seen and later reviewed by Budget owners and Admin. Their key responsibility is to fill the required details and upload a valid receipt for every expense made by them.


They only have access to the accounting tab. They cannot see any other tab in the dashboard. They can review expenses made in the platform and can export them to their accounting tool.

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