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Manage office and administrative expenses
Manage office and administrative expenses
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Volopay Cards: The simplest way to pay G&A costs

Volopay cards are perfect to keep your teams autonomous. Anyone in your team can simply pay with their dedicated card and snap the receipt with the Volopay mobile app for easy reconciliation. And finance has a real-time view of office spending with every expense logged against the right person and team.

Store documents digitally

Each invoice is uploaded to Volopay as a PDF or JPG file and saved for as long as you need it. No more lost paper invoices, and no need to go hunting through your email inbox to find electronic copies.

Automated receipt fetching

Chasing after receipts and invoices is certainly not what office managers are hired for. Volopay automates this process by letting each employee upload their own receipts on the spot with our very handy mobile app.

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