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Freezing and unfreezing a physical card
Freezing and unfreezing a physical card
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In case, your card is missing/stolen or you see any suspicious activity, simply freeze your card in just one click. Don't worry you can unfreeze it anytime you want.

On the web platform

1. Go to the ["Card"] tab on your left pane.

2. Click on ["Your Cards"] tab and choose physical card.

3. Hover down and you will see a "Freeze" option, click on ["Confirm"] to freeze the card.

On the mobile app

Login to the Volopay mobile app. You will land directly on the ["Wallet"] tab.

Now, simply slide down and click on the ["Freeze"] button and it's done!

Unfreezing the card

You can unfreeze the card by following the same steps and tapping the ["Unfreeze"] button.

Admin froze card

In the event that an admin freezes an employee's card, the employee can not unfreeze the card themselves. When the employee tries to unfreeze the card, they will see the name of the admin who froze the card when they hover over the unfreeze button.

In this case, the employee needs to reach out to an admin or dept manager to unfreeze the card.

Any admin can unfreeze the card, not just the admin who froze it.

When admin unfreezes the card, a notification is sent the cardholder.
​Note: If a different admin is unfreezing the card, a notification will be sent to all admins, indicating that the card was unfrozen.

Employee froze card

In the event that an employee freezes their own card, they are able to unfreeze their card themself and continue making spends.

Note: We send an email notification on freezing and unfreezing of cards to affected users and the admins who initiated the action will receive notifications with all relevant details, including the name of the admin who took the action, the date and time of the incident

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