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Every new user of Volopay should activate his/her physical card before it can be used anywhere. You as an admin can also activate your employees physical cards if required. All you need is the 16 - 19-digit "Activation Number" that you will find at the back of your physical card.

Let's get started

1. Log into your Volopay account.

2. Click on "cards" tab on your left pane.

3. Now, click on "your cards" and choose "physical card"

4. Click on ["Activate Card"]. This will redirect you to a new window as shown:

5. Enter the Activation number and last four digits provided to you on the back of your card.

6. Create a new PIN for you card

Note: PIN length to be 6 digits only

7. Confirm the PIN entered earlier

Note: PIN length to be 6 digits only

You can see a notification window at the bottom as - "Card activated successfully". Also, you can see the "Active" status displayed on your card.

Activate Physical card for others

1. Go to "Card" on your Account and click on the "Physical cards" section.

2. Click on "Yet to Activate" to find all the users who have not activated their physical card in your company.

3.Select the user you want to activate the physical card for and click on Activate your card by clicking on overview.

4. Type in the activation number on the back of your physical card and type in the last four digits of the card you want to activate and click on "Activate Card".

5. create a card PIN for the card and "Activate Card".

NOTE: Physical Cards require offline payment (at a POS) as the first transaction.

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