Don't worry! You can freeze/block your card in just one tap.

Blocking a card is irreversible. A new card will have to be issued again, whether it is physical or virtual, so we recommend to always freeze card unless you are sure that you have lost it. Freezing disables anyone else from making any transactions, but it is only a temporary lock and can be unfreezed.

In the Volopay app:

  • Tap on ["Freeze"]: To put your card on hold, you can un-freeze it at any time.

  • Tap on ["Block"]: To de-activate your card permanently.

From the Volopay website:

  • From your Volopay account, head over to the ["Wallet"] tab.

  • Click on ["Freeze"], then further click on ["Block"].

Now that you've reported the card as lost, you'll need to ask your Budget Owner or the Admin to order a new card for you!

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