Update Limit on a Virtual Card
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It is very useful especially when you need to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan for any online vendor. The budget limit and frequency of the virtual card can easily be changed, and the adjustments take effect right away. If something extra arises for a specific month, we now also have the ability to adjust the limit exclusively for that month.

Let's get started.

Process A

  1. Go to the ["Cards"] tab on the Dashboard and navigate to [Virtual cards]

2. Navigate and tap on the card whose budget needs to be changed. For e.g., HubSpot

3. Go to the [Settings"] tab.

4. Update the changes we need to make in the limit or frequency and click on ["Save Changes"].

Note: You can also temporarily update limit of the physical card just for the month if you have selected “apply limit change only for the current month” toggle on.

Process B:

  1. Click on “Update limit” CTA under the Cards heading.

  1. Select the budget your virtual card is part of

3.Select the Virtual card you want update the limit for and click on continue.

Note: When updating Limit for One time cards the new limit should always be higher than the previous one.

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