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Making a payment
Making a payment using a virtual card
Making a payment using a virtual card
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Virtual cards are just like any other plastic credit card having a 16-digit code, CVV and Expiry date. Though, an extra edge it has over conventional plastic cards is that they can be generated digitally at the point of sale and used for a specified transaction.

Using the web platform

  1. Go to ["Virtual Card"] section from the Cards tab on the Dashboard.

  2. Click on the virtual card you want to use. For. eg. Client meals.

Here, you can see all the necessary info displayed on the card to carry out the transaction.

On the mobile app

Login to the Volopay mobile app and slide to the ["Virtual Cards"] and tap on the card you want to use. For instance, LinkedIn Ads.

Now, slide down to view the card number and other details of the card.

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