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Why was my subscription payment declined?
Why was my subscription payment declined?
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1. Volopay cards are preloaded, meaning you can only pay for transactions whose value is lesser than the funds in your Volopay account, so please check the Card limit for month/Recurring limit every month and available limit. Please note that the "limit" should be greater than the "spent". If there isn't enough money on your subscription card, your payment may have been refused.

Go to Cards, select the appropriate Card and click on Settings to update balances.



In this case, we advise you to: Check that your current subscription plan isn't above the price set on the budget for your recurring payments card. If not, the payment will fail.

2. You should also check if main Card Balance has enough money for the transaction to go through.

(Sample dashboard for Singapore clients)

(Sample dashboard for Australian clients)

Note: The balance shown on the card is just the spending limit set for that specific card but not the actual money in it. Whenever there is an expense on the card, the money will be drawn from the main card balance that can be viewed by all the admins.

If you have sufficient balance and yet the payment is declined, check our article which helps you to pay with PayPal using Volopay cards.

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