Collecting invoices and expense receipts is a nightmare. But, with Volopay one can simply upload a picture of a valid receipt for every transaction using our web platform or mobile app, eliminating big expense reports and saving time of finance managers wasted in reconciliation.

Using the web platform:

1. Go to the Card tab and navigate to ["Expenses"]

2. Click on ["Your expenses / Company"]

3. You can use various filters here to get the results quickly.

Note: Incomplete expenses are the ones for which the mandatory field have not been added. For example: Receipts, notes etc.

As soon as you find the expense, click on it and a side window will appear as shown:

Now, fill all the fields and upload a receipt. Note that, it is mandatory to fill the fields under the ["REQUIRED"] section.

Watch a quick GIF:

On the mobile app

Login to the Volopay mobile app. You will land directly on the ["Wallet"] tab.

Slide right to the ["Expenses"] section:

Use various filters to quickly fetch the results:

Now, click on the vendor for which you need to upload a receipt.

Tap on the Add icon and upload the ["IMAGE"] or ["PDF"] file.

Finally, click on the ["SAVE"] button at the top right corner of the window and it's done.

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