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Blocking/Deactivating a virtual card (irreversible)
Blocking/Deactivating a virtual card (irreversible)
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In case of any suspicious activity, you can immediately block your virtual card in just one click either through our web platform or using the Volopay mobile app.

Using the web platform

Go the ["Virtual Cards"] tab on the Dashboard and click on the virtual card you need to block. For e.g., Google Play

At the top right corner, you can find the various options as shown below:

Simply, click on ["Freeze"] to deactivate your card temporarily or click on ["Block"] to deactivate it permanently.

Using the mobile app

  • Login to the Volopay mobile app. You will land on the ["Wallet"] section.

  • Swipe right to view all the ["Virtual Cards"]. 

  • Tap on the card that you need to block, slide down and tap on ["Block card"] icon.

Finally, click on ["Confirm"] button and it's done.

If you have any other questions, send us a message through chat, we'll be happy to help.

Please note that there may be updates on this topic from the time of publishing. We recommend reaching out to your account manager, or drop us a chat message, to clarify your concerns. Thank you!

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