Completing expenses on mobile app
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After completing your purchase, the transaction will appear in your app under ["Alerts"]. Tap on the related transaction and fill in the details.

The required information associated with your payment will generally include:

  • Budget name

  • Department

  • GL Code

  • Receipt of your purchase

  • Description of your purchase

  • Custom fields your company choose, (analytical code such as "Tools and team supplies"), VAT rates, etc.

To complete the expense:

1. Login to Volopay mobile app.

2. Go to the [“Expenses”] tab.

3. Here will see a notification that says - “You have incomplete expenses”. Also, these expenses are marked with a blue dot in the list for easy identification.

4. Click on the notification to view the list.

5. Now, select the expense you want to complete.

Here, you need to fill the required fields and upload a valid receipt.

Providing your receipt

The beauty of this app is that it's connected to the Volopay platform, which means each receipt you will attach at the time of purchase will mean less admin work when you'll be back in the office. Just click on the "Receipt" section and select the type of file you want to upload (PDF or image)

If for some reason you can't provide the receipt, you can add a note that the receipt is lost or provide another reason to your finance team and tap on ["Save"].

Required fields Vs Optional fields

All the expenses you make using Volopay cards need to be completed by entering the required details in the fields set as mandatory by the admin. Once completed, the expense will be sent to the budget owner for review.

The fields under the "optional" section are not mandatory but it is a good practice to fill them for the ease of reviewing done by the budget owner. "Note that you can change the budget name as well but only if the expense is made using the physical card. Virtual cards and budget specific and hence, the budget name cannot be modified"

Once you fill the required details, click on ["Save"] button.

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