The Budget-owners get an exclusive section inside the "Expenses" tab, to review expenses using the mobile app. Here, the budget owner needs to check all the details and mark the expenses accordingly.

To review the expenses:

1. Login to Volopay mobile app.

2. Slide to the [“Expenses”].

3. Now, go to the [“Review”] page as shown below:

4. Click on the expense you want to review. Here, you can mark the expense as - Okay, Need Details or Not Okay.

Click on this icon to mark as Okay.

Click on this icon to mark as Need Details. After you click on this, you need to add a note asking the required info.

Click on this icon to mark as Not Okay. Such expenses may be handled as per the company policies.

Once the budget owner reviews the expense, the member will be notified immediately and needs to update the fields if required.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to chat in with us so we can assist you!

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