Incomplete expenses
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Incomplete expenses are the ones in which all the mandatory fields are not provided by the user. In order to validate/review an expense, the user needs to fill all the fields that are marked as ["REQUIRED"] by the admin.

On the web platform

  • One can view the incomplete expenses on the ["Expenses"] tab of the Dashboard with a blue dot as shown below.

  • Tap the ["Incomplete"] button in the Expense to filter out all the incomplete expenses as shown:

Click on the expense and fill all the fields under the ["Required"] section.

On the mobile app

  • Login to the Volopay mobile app. Click to the ["Expenses"] section.

Now, choose the ["Filter"], tick the status as ["Incompleted"] and apply the filter.

Now, just like the web platform, fill all the required fields and the expense goes for review automatically.

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