To connect your Volopay account with Xero: Go to the "Accounting" and then "Integrations" tab in the Volopay dashboard:

Click on "Connect to Xero". You will be redirected to the login page of Xero as shown:

After you log in, select the organization in Xero and grant permission.

You will be redirected back to the "Accounting" tab:

Excellent! you are now connected with Xero. Now, you can click on the Settings icon to configure your Xero integration.

You can decide whether you want Volopay to auto reconcile the expenses in Xero or you want to manually do it yourself.

Also, do not forget to sync your Xero chart of accounts, tracking categories and Vendors, doing so will show these options as fields for every expense, which will then need to be filled up before syncing expenses back into Xero from Volopay.

All the Synced chart of accounts and tracking categories will show up in the Accounting fields as below:

Note: The Accounting fields above shows all the chart of accounts and tracking categories tagged as Expenses in Xero, and you can decide to change the value or delete few for keeping it simpler in Volopay. And, this field has to be filled up before you sync into Xero for every expense. 

Now, the Bookkeepers can easily put relevant tags while verification of the expenses.

How do you sync expense to your Xero?

Check this article to know more syncing expenses.

Doesn't sound easy?.....

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to chat in with us so we can assist you!

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