A good practice is to change the pin of your card from time to time. Also, in case you feel that your pin is revealed to someone you don't trust, you can immediately change it by following these simple steps:

Using web platform

1. Go the "Cards" tab on your left pane.

2. Click on "Your Cards" tab and choose physical card.

3. At the bottom, you can see the "Generate a new Pin" option.

- Now, click on the "Generate a new Pin" option, a window appears to reset the pin as shown below:

Enter the new 6-digit pin, re-enter to confirm and press ["Generate a new Pin"] button and it's done!

Using the mobile app

1. Login to Volopay mobile app. You will land to the ["Wallet"] page.

2. Slide down and click on the "Reset pin" button.

3. Press "Confirm" and enter the new 6-digit pin twice and it's done!

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