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Accounting Software Integration (Xero/Quickbooks)
Accounting Software Integration (Xero/Quickbooks)
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Our accounting software integration is quick and simple one click process.


  1. One click integration to the Accounting Software (Xero and quickbook already available on the platform).

  2. The client can click on the Connect button, then give access to volopay to do the integration at the backend. Then the Accounting Software is connected and ready to sync.

3. Sync the "Chart of Accounts", "Tracking Category" and "Vendors" for Xero and similarly in other Accounting Software into the Volopay Platform.

4. The Accounting fields are fetched from the accounting software and they appear in the Fields as shown below

5. Now every expense made, we can assign it to a particular Chart of Accounts or Tracking Category when submitting an expense for review.

6. These Accounting fields can be made mandatory to complete an expense, so it will be pre-filled during expense verification and sync.

Please watch the below Videos to check out the Xero or Quickbooks Integration.

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