Initially you need to connect QuickBooks with Volopay to pull chart of accounts (COA). If you have still not linked QuickBooks with Volopay refer QuickBooks Integration here.

Once you have connected your QuickBooks account with Volopay account, go to Accounting and select 'Integrations' then click on settings button visible over the QuickBooks integration block.

In QuickBooks settings you can see a 'Chart of accounts' button to sync all your current chart of accounts available in your account.

Once you click the chart of accounts and vendors, all of them will be added to Volopay. You can also view the COAs in the Accounting fields as shown below.

Here you can delete, edit or remove chart of accounts as per your choice.

You can set QuickBooks as mandatory tags in each budget, to link all your transactions with your accounting software.

Checkout accounting process in Volopay to understand how you can reconcile all your expenses with QuickBooks.

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