Step 1: Log in to your NetSuite account and navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud

Step 2: In the same tab (SuiteCloud), navigate to the SuiteTalk section to make sure that Soap Web Services is checked, and that token-based authentication is checked under the Manage Authentication

Step 3: Go back to the home page and look for Manage Access Tokens under the Settings section near the bottom of the page

Step 4: Click Save and then copy the Token ID and Token Secret created by NetSuite to put matching fields in the Volopay Dashboard in step

Step 5: Save your NetSuite Account ID which you will need to input in Step 8; you can find this either through the Setup tab > Company > Company Information, or displayed at the beginning of your URL when you're on the account page

Important note: You need to change a dash to an underscore, and capitalize any letters after the underscore (Example: 1234567-sb1 should be entered into Volopay as 1234567_SB1)

Step 6: Review and confirm your token ID, token secret and account ID before clicking Connect

Step 7: On the Volopay dashboard, select which subsidiary you'd like to export transactions to (if you don't have subsidiaries, or if you only have one subsidiary, no action is required)

Important note: If your preferred journal entry form is a custom form, you will need to edit it before proceeding. Go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms and find your preferred custom journal entry form.

Click the Edit link next to it:

In the Custom Transaction Form page that opens, click Screen Fields, then Lines. Find the two custom line fields you just installed, Receipt URL and Created From, and select the Show checkboxes next to them. Please save your changes by clicking the Save blue button.

Enter your NetSuite account information for your Accounts Payable

Step 8: From the Volopay Dashboard, go to Accounting integrations > click integrations, enter Token ID, Token Secret, Consumer ID, Consumer Key, and Account ID before clicking Connect

Step: 9 Click on Netsuite settings in the integrations tab and click on the chart of accounts to sync all chart of accounts with Volopay

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