What are Adjustment?

1) Adjustments are usually the difference that may arise between the billing amount and the settlement amount at the merchant's end for any transaction.

For example:

You any XYZ software subscription you pay SGD 798 but the amount after billing gets settled at the merchant's end for SGD 795. So the SGD 3 comes back to your Volopay account as an Adjustment of SGD 3.

Adjustments are quite rare and don't occur often.

2) Adjustments can also be a refund from a merchant. Incase you were overcharged or cancelled an order, the amount is refunded after a few days that is reflected as Adjustments on your ledger.

3) Adjustments are also cash-back that Volopay offers you for every month, incase you are on the exclusive membership account.

Where can you view Adjustments?

Individual adjustments are displayed in your ledger when they are recorded in the system as shown below:

In the Adjustment tab under Accounting section as shown below, we sum up all the adjustments of the month and give you a total at the end of every month. You can manually create a credit or debit payment in your Accounting Software and click on "Settle" so as to confirm and it is recorded in your Accounting Software.

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