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Let's see what the Expense Workflow is:

Expense Made --> Expense Details completed --> Expense Reviewed --> Expense Verified --> Expense Synced to Accounting Software.

So after the Expense has been Verified by the finance team or admins of your Volopay account, they can be synced/reconciled into your accounting software eg. Xero. For verifying an expense you must select the Chart of accounts/GL code that the expense should be reconciled against.

You can sync the expense in two ways, Sync an expense at a time or bulk sync couple of expenses.

Sync expenses one at a time:

  1. Open the Accounting tab --> Transactions section, Click on "Pending to Sync" tab.

  2. Click on the expense you want to verify, note that all the fields will be frozen once an expense is verified.

  3. At the bottom of the expense, click on "Sync" button to sync it on the accounting software. Or even to make it more simple, on the "Pending to Sync" tab, hover over an expense to click on the "Sync" button to sync the expense.

Sync expenses in Bulk:

  1. Open the Accounting tab --> Transactions section, Click on "Pending to Sync" tab.

  2. Select the checkbox on the column heading section to select all the expenses, make sure to scroll down until you reach the very end to select all expenses.

  3. Click on the "Sync" button on the bottom pop up, to bulk sync all the selected expenses to the accounting software.

  4. Similarly you can also select a few expenses and sync all the selected ones together.

Note: If any urgent changes are required to verified expenses that are frozen, contact our support team via intercom or email.

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