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  • Payments can be made from your USD or SGD/AUD budgets. Ensure that you select the right currency if you are creating a new budget. Also, you are required to set the approvers of bill payments at the budget level.

(Sample images for Singapore clients)

(Sample image for Australian clients)

  • To create a new payment click on ["+ New payment"].

  • Please select a vendor to whom you would like to send the payment.

  • Select an appropriate Budget and fill in the payment details.

  • You can enter the amount you would want to send and can check the actual amount that the vendor will be receiving.

  • Select approvers as 1st level and 2nd level if required. Once selected, the payment will go through only after both the 1st level approvers and anyone of the 2nd level approvers approve.

Note: Please ensure that you fill up the amount in the "They receive" field and not "You send" to avoid the fluctuations in FX impact the amount received by the beneficiary. The field you enter the amount in gets locked and does not get affected by movements in exchange rate.

  • After all details are furnished, you will be prompted to submit the payment.

  • All bill payments will be visible in the [‘All’] tab. You can also see them according to the different stages they are in.

  • To find all the pending payments, go to the [‘Pending for Approval’] tab. Here, the payments are waiting for approvals from approvers set during creation of the payment.

  • Once the payments are approved, they can be found in the [‘Processing’] tab where they are available until the funds reach the vendors’ bank account.

  • In case any such bill payment fails, because of reasons like incorrect vendor information etc, those payment details could be found in the [‘Failed’] section.

  • Finally all successful payments are available in the [‘Paid’] section.

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