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Applying for Credit
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Credit Line with Volopay

Volopay provides the fastest and hassle free credit line for business expenses in Singapore with an aim to facilitate customers convenience. The seamless online application and approval process helps you to get quick access to funds upto SGD 500K with nominal fees. The credit on your Volopay cards can be used for day-to-day expenses like travel expenses, digital marketing expenses, subscriptions etc.

Apply for Credit

To opt for credit,

  • Kindly visit the Dashboard and visit the credit section and apply for credit by providing relevant details.

  • You can also hover to the Dashboard and go to the Accounts section to apply for the same.

  • Please note that you can directly apply though here as well.

Once we get the information, our credit team will process it and inform you the amount of credit limit. There are multiple factors which will determine the amount of credit limits like current financial situation, cashflows, bank balances, repayment history among many others.

Upon sanction of the credit limit, the company needs to sign an e-facility agreement.

​"Please note that there may be updates on this topic from the time of publishing. We recommend reaching out to your account manager, or drop us a chat message, to clarify your concerns. Thank you!"

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