What is reimbursement?

Reimbursement is the payment made by an organization for out-of-pocket expenses incurred or over-payment made by an employee, customer, or another party.

How do companies use Volopay for reimbursement?

Volopay has launched one of the most in-demand feature for the clients, an option to make the reimbursement process way simpler for organizations to better handle their claims and expenses.

Volopay Reimbursements will be available for current clients as well also for new companies who would just need reimbursement as a solution for their business which will be totally self served without any hassles.

How to create a reimbursement?

a) For new clients who do not have an existing account with Volopay:

  1. The company needs to signup through the signup link here. The initial onboarding details need to be completed.

Then the user can complete the initial setup for reimbursements were they can

  • Enable mileage reimbursement claims - these costs are associated with the use of employees' private vehicles for business purposes. The company can decide the amount per mile.

  • Select mandatory fields

By clicking on continue the admin can add the rest of the users by entering the email and selecting the role. An invitation email will be sent to all the users.

b) All existing clients can navigate to the Manage --> Settings tab in their Volopay account to get started.

c) What are the different types of Roles in the Reimbursement feature?


  • Admins can make any changes in the system,

  • admin can add new users to the platform

  • decide the approvers and choose the settlement users

  • can access reimbursement Accounting

Members can submit the claim and view their own reimbursement request. They can also be approvers or settlement users according to the settings the company defines.

d) How to submit a claim?

Submitting a reimbursement request is easy. Just click on + Claim in the reimbursement tab to submit the out of pocket spend or mileage request. Then all claim details need to be entered. Please see Settings for Reimbursement here.

NOTE: Receipt and note will only be mandatory in the above form according to the settings you have. Please see Settings for Reimbursement here.

e) What happens once a claim is submitted?

  1. Initially the claims will be in pending approval status

  2. Then it will go through Approvers as per Approval policy. By default, admins will be the approvers in the default policy

  3. If any other policy is chosen, request goes through the policy approvers of first level and second level approvers and based on the limits set in the approval policy. The first level is required to approve or deny the request. If the payment is approved and if there is no second level approver then the payment will be in approved status. If there is a second level approver for the payment then the request will go to the second level approvers for approval. Any one of the approvers in their level of policy can approve the request.

  4. Once the payment is pending approval state, the approvers will be notified in their mobile app as well in the web app alerts section and will show up in reimbursement tab.

5. When the reimbursement request is approved, the claim will move to the approved status.

6. If the first level or second level approver denies the claim then the request will be in not approved stage

f) How are approved claims paid out?

Once the claim is approved, it will be then showed in the Outstanding tab of Settlement. A claim can only be settled by Settlement users.

Settlement users can be anyone who have been given the authority to settle the approved claims. They can be defined in the Settings Tab. Please see Settings for Reimbursement here.

There will be 2 ways to settle claims: Manually or through Volopay

  1. When Pay manually is chosen, then it means that the company has opted to settle it outside of Volopay (eg, paying internally cash, bank transfer, payroll etc.)

2. When the user clicks on Pay via Volopay (existing client) the user is redirected to the Bill pay section of Volopay to pay the same (as per the bank details provided in Settings).

Note: The Bill payment when updated with the paid status on Bill pay Tab, will show as a settled claim.

All settled claims will show in the Settled Tab which means the Outstanding claims are all reimbursed successfully.

You can check out the Accounting Workflow for reimbursements here.

If you are interested in exploring Volopay and the complete package of it services, please visit this here.

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