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Reimbursements on Volopay
Settings for Reimbursements
Settings for Reimbursements
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To explore settings for reimbursements, please go to the Manage → Settings Tab

1. In case you do not have a full account with Volopay and is only using for reimbursement

  • Approval policy

What is Approval Policy?

Approval policies on Volopay allows admins to delegate approvers based on specific claim range. The admins can add multiple range limits inside each policy and set different approvers based on these limits.


Approval policies help businesses to ensure each expense is routed through the correct approver flow as per their company policies making the process transparent. After which the payment can be verified by the finance team and entered into their accounting system.

Who can create policies?

Only admins can create, edit or delete a policy.

You can add upto a maximum of 5 range limits inside each policy.

How to create an approval policy?

Once you click on create an approval policy, it will redirect you to the page which will allow you to create the policies. You need to enter values in the required fields, based on which your policies will be triggered.

Policy name - Policy name can be the name of the budget that you are willing to create the policy for.

Amount - The amount field determines the value for which you want the policy to trigger. For instance, if you put the value as $0, it means that all the claims from 0 to infinity will be sent out for approval.

First level Approver : The first level approver will have the authority to approve any claim at the first stage.

Second level Approver : Once a claim is approved by the first level approver, it will move ahead to the second level approver for approval.

Creating multiple limits in a policy: Admins can create a multiple limit range inside the approval policy by clicking on create limit inside the approval policy.

Default policy?

A default policy will be applied to all the claims with approval limit as 0 to infinity, so all the transactions will be routed through the Admins by default.In case you want to make any changes in the approvers, you can create an approval policy and make the changes as per your convenience.

What can an Admin do?

As the admins are considered the only authorised person to make changes in the account, they will have the below mentioned rights:

  1. All admins can access approval policy easily in the settings and make any changes to the approval policies.

  2. Admins can create, edit or delete the approval policy from the settings

  3. Admins can also create, edit and delete the approval limits

How to edit an approval policy?

Admins can easily edit an approval policy by clicking on the pencil icon over the policy.

An admin can delete the second approver from a limit range by clicking on the delete option against the approver’s name. In that case the claim only goes through the first level approver. One needs to click on the update policy button in order to save any changes in the policy.

What happens when a policy is deleted?

Admins can delete an approval policy from the approval policy screen. When the Policy is deleted, the claims will have the “Default policy” as the new policy for the Approvals.

  • Reimbursement

This Tab here will:

a) allow you to set up mandatory fields like Receipts and Notes while creating new Claims

b) allow you to choose the right policy for approval of Claims

c) Allow you to choose Settlement users and Mileage rate for Claims

Settlement users will be the only Users who can settle/pay for Approved Claims.

Mileage claims are costs are associated with the use of employees' private vehicles for business purposes. The company can decide the amount per mile here as below.

  • People

To add more people to your account so that they can Volopay to submit claims, please go to People Tab as shown below:

If you are interested in exploring Volopay and the complete package of it services, please visit this here.

2. In case you are an existing client of Volopay

  • Approval Policy:

Please check out this Article here

  • Reimbursements:

Check description here

  • People:

Please add bank details in the People Tab to settle claims using Volopay Bill Payments.

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