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Connecting and Setting up Deskera
Connecting and Setting up Deskera
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What is it?

Deskera is an award-winning all-in-one business app that helps SMBs grow faster with fewer tools. Users can use Deskera for accounting, payroll, CRM, HR, inventory, email marketing, no-code website-building, and much more.

Why integrate with Deskera?

Volopay provides seamless integration with Deskera and you can export all your expenses at a click of a button.

How to connect?

To connect your Volopay account with Deskera:

  1. Go to the "Accounting" and then "Integrations" tab in the Volopay dashboard.

  2. Click on "Connect to Deskera". You will be redirected to the login page of Deskera as shown:

3. After you login , it will prompt you to grant permission

You will be then redirected back to the "Accounting" tab. Now, you can click on the Settings icon to configure your Deskera integration.

4. Please sync your chart of accounts, Vendors, doing so will show these options as fields for every expense, which will then need to be filled up before syncing expenses back into Deskera from Volopay.

All the Synced chart of accounts and vendors will show up in the Accounting fields as below:

Note: The Accounting fields above show all the Chart of Accounts and Vendors in Deskera, and you can decide to edit the value or delete a few for keeping it simpler in Volopay. And, this field has to be filled up before you sync into Deskera for every expense.

5. User can also choose a default bank account by selecting the relevant one from the dropdown in Integrations--> Settings tab. On doing so, any Topup/fundings into Volopay account will be synced to Deskera by taking into consideration this bank account by default.

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