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Credit Line for Bill Payments

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Volopay provides easy and hassle Credit for your Bill payments as well. In case you are interested, please contact your Account Manager. Once approved, the same will be available in your account for utilization.

Please follow the steps below to use Bill Pay Credit for Payments:

1. Click on "+Add Money" on the Dashboard.

2. Click on "Draw Credit"

3. You will be redirected to a page where you have to enter amount that has to be added to the Bill Pay account.

3. Click on "Confirm".

Note: Credit for Cards will automatically be pulled as and when a card expense is made.

Important. Any amount that is drawn will immediately be eligible for standard Credit line charges irrespective of the fact if they were utilized to make an actual payment or not. So we would suggest to draw down the funds, only when you actually plan to make use of them. You can also first create a bill payment and fund it later using the Draw down option.

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