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What is Submission Policy?

Submission Policy on Volopay allows admins to set various mandatory validations on any card expense, reimbursement claims or payments made by the employees. For every submission policy, you can set conditions for receipt, notes, accounting, and custom fields.

How is it useful?

Submission Policy will help ensure that every transaction has all required details included by the employees, which will lead to a more detailed and accurate expense creation process.

What is Submission Policy on Volopay?

Submission Policy on Volopay is divided into two parts:

  • Cards - When an employee makes an expense using volopay cards, they will mandatorily have to add certain details against the expense in order to complete and verify an expense. Note: To assign submission policies for cards, we will have to attach the required submission policies in their respective budget settings.

  • Reimbursement - A reimbursement claim can be submitted only after all required fields mentioned in the submission policy are filled by the employee. Note: For reimbursement, you can attach the required submission policies in the Settings inside Manage.

  • Bill Pay - When a payment is being raised to a merchant, we can make certain fields mandatory across bill pay and only after all details of mandatory field have been added in the request, the payment will be successfully raised.

Who can create a Submission Policy?

Only admins can create, edit or delete a policy. Submission Policy can be assigned to Budgets, Cards and Reimbursements where admin users can create a specific submission policy as per their requirement to have different policies assigned to each of these modules.
The option to set the policy will be available in the Settings Tab.

Default Submission Policy

A default policy will be applied to all the budgets, cards and reimbursements. You can edit the default policy if you want or create a new submission policy as per your specific need.

Note: However, the submission policy enabled in global settings for Reimbursements and Cards will be the default policy for all new budgets.

Default Submission Policy in Cards

Default Submission Policy in Reimbursements

How to create a new Submission Policy?

Step1: Click on the ‘ + Create submission policy’ CTA. It will redirect you to the policy form.

Step2: Give the new policy a name, which can be the name of the budget that you are willing to create the policy for.

Step3: Select field requirements basis of your organisation’s needs.

  • For example: If you need ‘receipt’ or ‘note’ to be mandatorily added with every transaction/claim, you can select the requirement as “Required” for all transaction or only for transactions above a particular amount.

  • If you do not want to make a field as mandatory then you can select the requirement to be as “Not Required” for that field.

Step4: Select accounting fields basis of your organisation’s accounting requirements.

  • Depending on the accounting fields added you can select what accounting field details you want to make mandatory for all transaction.

  • Similarly here as well you can select “Required” or “Not Required” for accounting fields as per your need.

Step5: Select custom fields basis of your organisation’s needs.

  • To add a new custom field you go to Global Setting > Custom Fields Tab > here admins can create a new custom field or edit an existing one.

  • We can select the requirement of custom fields for our transactions as per company’s need.

Step6: You can set a threshold limit beyond which the expenses will need to be reviewed by budget owner

Step7: Click on the ‘Create Policy’ CTA & voila, your submission policy has been created.

Edit a Submission Policy

Admins can easily edit a submission policy by clicking on the pencil icon over the policy.

Delete a Submission Policy

An admin can delete a submission policy by clicking on the delete option against the policy. In this case all budgets/cards under this submission policy will now be attached to default submission policy.

Note: we can not deleted default submission policy.

How to tag a submission policy to a budget?

Once the policies are created, the admins can go to the respective budget and click on settings, an additional option will show at the bottom as “choose the submission policy for cards”. Here, you can select the policy that you would like to attach to Cards from that budget.

What if I have no budgets?

  • In case you have a no budget account, you will have a default policy.

  • Default policy means that all card expenses and reimbursements will have the same mandatory fields needed to successfully complete transactions and only then we will be able to verify and sync the transaction.

  • In addition, you can create new policies and attach them in the Cards and Reimbursement tabs in settings for card expense and reimbursement claim review.

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