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Co-pilot Feature Launch

A co-pilot is a type of user permission that allows the user to attach receipts and add notes to expenses for another user for whom they are a co-pilot. These are for card expenses. The main purpose is to help users like senior executives who are usually too swamped with work and find it difficult to find time to upload receipts, write memos. Assistants, secretaries or equivalent team members can be added as a Co-pilot.

The steps to add receipt for a Co-pilot:

A Co-pilot can navigate as shown below; here the CEO is Rajith Shaji.
Card section> Expenses> All> More filters> Users> Select CEO/CFO as a user> Click on the expense and upload the receipt/note

Please note on these pointers:

1. The co-pilot will get the option to see their own expenses and also the person for whom they are co-pilot.
2. A user can have multiple co-pilots, i.e, CEO can have all their executive assistants as copilots. They aren’t restricted to only one co-pilot per user.
3. Anybody can be added as a co-pilot, i.e, If Jane is John’s co-pilot, it is also possible to add John as Jane’s co-pilot.

Adding and removing a co-pilot:

To set or remove any user as co-pilot, you have to approach your account manager.

Note: Co-pilot can only attach receipts and add memos for the user. They do not get the same user permissions for approvals, review, etc.

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