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Location enables teams to monitor spends according to the location of the employees.

Admin can see all locations, and department managers can see locations according to the departments they manage.

When you click on the Location option, an initial screen appears with a table of all locations. (For department managers, it would be the locations where members of their departments are located). The table has the location name, number of members, and spends for the month. There is a button in the top right corner [‘+ Add Location’]. Clicking on the location, takes you to the specific location’s information and settings.

When you are in the section for a specific department, you will see a [‘+ Add people’] button, which allows you to invite people to that location. You will also see a couple of tabs that each give specific information and insights, along with a settings tab.


The overview section shows you spend snapshots as a graph. The graph breaks down the spends over a period of a month and compares it with the spend pattern from the previous month.

You can see the total spends for the current month and previous months. You can also choose whether you want to see only the card spends, only bill payments, or all spends.


The cards section is the cards table which lists all the cards (physical and virtual) that are owned by people belonging to the location.


The expenses section lists all the card expenses associated with the location.


The section lists all the bill payments created by members of the location.


The section lists all the claims made by members of the location.


This section lists all the people who belong to the location. You can see their name, role, location, whether their physical card is active, the number of virtual cards they have, and their spends for the month.

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