How to integrate with ZohoBooks
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To connect your Volopay account with ZohoBooks:

Go to the Integrations section under "Accounting" tab in the Volopay dashboard

After connecting with ZohoBooks account, users can sync all Chart of Accounts, Tax codes and Vendors with Volopay account by just clicking on the sync options.

Once you have synced all the information from your ZohoBooks account to Volopay, the Integrations page will display all the fetched information. Users can choose to toggle on or off a few to keep it simpler in Volopay.

Users can also choose a default credit bank account by selecting the relevant one from the dropdown below. On doing so, any Top Up/fundings into Volopay account will be synced to the software by taking into consideration this bank account by default.

Reimbursement bank account can also be set up in the Settings page which will be used to sync all the reimbursement transactions which have been settled manually.

You can also set triggers for certain types of transactions present in the “Others Tab” like external credit, external debit from the Settings page itself. All transactions of these types will have prefilled ZohoBooks fields as updated here. There will be a “Not Defined” tag attached to it, once you fill in the details it will disappear.

You can set ZohoBooks as mandatory tags in your submission policy, to link all your transactions with your accounting software.

Now you can fill in the ZohoBooks category, tax and vendor details for all transactions, verify and sync them to your accounting software

Please watch the below Video to check out Accounting on Volopay

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