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Universal CSV connection and setup
Universal CSV connection and setup

Set up Universal csv and integrate Volopay with various accounting softwares

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What is Universal CSV ?

Universal CSV is a customised functionality created by Volopay to enable manual accounting integration for all types of accounting software.

To import data such as Chart of Accounts, Tax Codes, and Vendors, users must download the templates given by Volopay and fill in the necessary information. In order to import their data into Volopay, users must first provide a copy of their CSV file Ex Chart of Accounts in the template's format.

Users can export Transaction Journal entries and Bank Ledger data in CSV format from any accounting programme, such as SAP/ Jurnal . In accordance with the offered template, users can send a sample copy of their Journal Entries, and Volopay will internally construct an export template (Export screenshot below). The Journal Entries for Cards, Billpay, Reimbursements, Other, and Bank Ledger can be exported by users.

Setup for Universal CSV

On the integrations page, the user must click Connect to Universal CSV and choose the accounting software they want to integrate with by clicking on Setup.

Once the accounting software is selected, please continue to fill up the information for the Required fields like chart of accounts, tax rate and vendors.

We will provide you with a template which you can download from the “Download template” CTA. Once done putting the relevant information please save and upload the template.Repeat the same for tax rate and vendors.

Once all these three details are uploaded it will show as “DEFINED”.You can also add optional fields as needed. After providing all the necessary information you can click “Continue”, thereby completing your set up of Universal CSV.

How to connect to Universal CSV

How to export using Universal CSV.

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