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Integrate SAP with Universal CSV
Integrate SAP with Universal CSV

Import card transactions, bill payments and reimbursements into SAP

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Integrate SAP using Universal CSV

Online accounting tool SAP allows you to collaborate across departments while managing your money and automating business processes. SAP takes care of tedious accounting procedures so you can concentrate on your business.

To integrate with the Universal CSV functionality of Volopay, you’ll need to complete the following steps :

  1. Create a bank account in your SAP software named VOLOBANK-SGD (or the currency that you are using) and share the name of the account and code with us. This account will be used to sync all your transactions/ payments/ reimbursements done on the Volopay system.

  2. Create a chart of accounts named VB-INTERNAL-TRANSFERS as an expense and share the code for that with us.

  3. Share with us your default credit bank account name and code. This account will be used to credit/ debit amount when you credit money into your Volopay account.

  4. Share with us your default reimbursement bank account name and code if you are using this functionality which will be used to sync the reimbursements where you choose the option to settle a claim manually.

Exporting transactions from Volopay

You can export from the accounting table: Accounting table>Pending to export>Export CTA.

You can bulk select or select transactions individually, and after clicking export, a small window will pop up. In the modal popup there will be three options; to export and download.

Once you select “Export as SAP format”it will go to the “downloads' ' tab. There, upon opening you will see your exported file in the Jurnal format with the “status” ready. Again when you select download as csv or pdf it will direct you to the downloads tab and you will find the downloaded file with the “status” ready.

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