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By integrating your TruTrip account with Volopay, your travelers will be able to pay using Volopay and have such transactions immediately attributed to each user as expenditures.

With Volopay in TruTrip you can:

  • View and manage which travellers will have access to Volopay.

  • Make payments with Volopay, no need to create and add different credit cards.

  • Have those payments be transformed into expenses instantly.

How it works

Once Volopay has been set up and enabled for your travellers, they will be able to select Volopay as a payment method when paying for a booking.

In the Volopay app, the charges are directly related to the Volopay users so travellers and managers can review all charges made. Travellers and managers can review the charges made in TruTrip.

Connecting your Volopay account in TruTrip

Before getting started, make sure that you have:

  • A super-admin account in TruTrip

  • Are an admin user in Volopay

  • Have an existing Volopay company account

  • Have access to the Volopay Company ID ( called subdomain in Volopay) and the Volopay API key (called secret key in Volopay). These can be found under “developer” in your Volopay account settings. Learn more about that here.

Any super admin within TruTrip can enable Volopay:

1. Go to TruTrip Appstore -> Payments -> Volopay App and click “Add to TruTrip”

2. Agree to the policies & terms -> Next


3. Enter your Volopay Account Name and API Key. Hit connect.

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5. That’s it! Your Volopay account is now connected with TruTrip.

Note: if you face any issues or errors during the connect process, please ensure that both your Volopay account name (subdomain) and API key (secret key) are correctly set up.

Adding your Volopay team members to TruTrip

Once you have set up the Volopay integration all users that have the same email address in Volopay, will automatically show up in the user list. The status column will show you whenever a user is available or not.

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If the status is “No registered Volopay account”, this means that the email address used in TruTrip does not match with any email address used in Volopay

Reach out to [email protected] for further assistance.

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