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Unsettled card transactions
Unsettled card transactions
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We have introduced a new condition in our accounting of card transactions called Unsettled expenses wherein unless the expense is settled at the merchant's end the following expenses will show grey and unsettled. The reason being if the merchant does not claim the expense in 8-10 days the following expense will be reversed. Only once the expense is settled the ledger will be updated.
Earlier users were allowed to verify and sync transactions even when they are unsettled by merchants. This led to frequent adjustments against transactions.

We have now added a condition in card accounting that does not allow users to verify/sync unsettled card transactions.

Unsettled card transactions will be seen greyed out under 'Expenses' in cards, and the verify button will be disabled for these transactions.

Once the transaction is settled, we will enable the verify button and transaction will no longer be greyed out under 'Expenses'

For most of the expenses, it will be settled within 24 hours. For some transactions there could be a delay and it might take 10-15 days.

Note: If a transaction is unsettled, we will show a tool tip help text, when the user hovers over the verify button of that transaction.

Please note that there may be updates on this topic from the time of publishing. We recommend reaching out to your account manager, or drop us a chat message, to clarify your concerns. Thank you!

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