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Approval policy for physical card order
Approval policy for physical card order
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We have introduced a new approval policy for ordering physical cards to ensure that all requests go through a proper approval flow set by the admins. This help article explains how the approval policy for physical cards works and how you can set it up in the Cards tab under Manage.

Setting up the Approval Policy

To set up the approval policy for physical cards, navigate to the Cards tab and select Manage. Under Manage, you will find the option for Physical Cards Approval Policy. First enable the approval policy. You can then set up the policy based on your requirements.

Ordering a physical card

Once the policy has been enabled and set up, members requesting cards must submit a request through the platform that will go through the approval flow. They can see who the approvers are on the last screen before they submit the physical card order request.

Please do note that for Singapore clients, only admins can order physical cards on behalf of members. For Australia and India clients, employees can request their own physical card.

In all cases, the approval policy should be set up to ensure that physical card orders are approved by the appropriate people before they are fulfilled.

Approval Process

The approvers will receive the request for physical cards in the Request tab under Alerts section. Once the request is approved, we will begin processing your request.

By setting up the approval policy, you can ensure that all physical card orders go through a proper approval flow and meet the necessary criteria before being ordered.

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