Credit Line Pricing

The Billing Period for each Credit cycle is 30 Days. Say if you are provided with the credit line on Volopay cards on 1st January, you will be billed till 31st January and the repayment is in the next 10 days i.e. 10th February.

There are two kind of Fees for utilizing the Credit funds:

  • Annual Fees: SGD 250/-

  • Monthly Fixed Fees: For every SGD 5,000/- utilization the company needs to pay back as SGD 50/- as Monthly Fixed SaaS Fees which is around ~1% per month.

Credit Repayment

Step 1 - Refer your invoice

Your invoice will be generated at the end of the billing cycle and will consist of a monthly statement detailing all utilization during the month. To download it, go to the "Credit" section on the dashboard.

Step 2 - Ensure available funds in Bill Pay balance

To make a repayment before the due date, you need to have funds in your Bill Pay balance or you can top-up the funds. Go to the "Credit" section and click on the "Make Payment" option and choose the relevant Bill Pay balance.




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