To explore Volopay accounting click on 'Accounting tab' in menu and then click on 'Transactions tab'.

Note: Accounting will be only visible for admin accounts in Volopay, Check with your admin if you require access.

The transactions tab contain all your Volopay transactions which includes your new transactions and already synced transactions. Our accounting process majorly goes through four different stages (Review pending, Pending to verify, Pending to sync, Synced)

All new transactions will land in review pending stage as an incomplete expense until the user or anyone adds the required field of the expense. When the required field is completed then, the status would change to review pending status where the approver can make it okay, not okay or need more details.

Review pending

All new expenses landing in review pending tab will be marked as incomplete until the expense owner or anyone other in the budget fills the required field.

The receipt icon will turn green when you have attached a receipt for the transaction. Once you add the required fields the transaction will be in pending to review status and your budget owner or the approvers can use the below CTA to take an action against the transaction.

Okay: When the transaction is perfectly good to proceed further.

Not Okay: If the expense owner has attached wrong bills or wrong information.

Need details: When you require more detailed information about the transaction.

Approvers can take this action through expenses tab in the menu.

The review pending stage contains Incomplete, Review Pending and Need details of transactions.

Pending to Verify

All Okay and Not okay transactions will be in Pending to verify stage, where you can verify all 'okay' expenses and you can make 'not okay' expense as okay and verify later.

Once you verify a transaction, you won't be able to make any changes to the transaction.

Here you can overwrite a transaction where you can make transactions with 'okay' status as 'not okay' and vice-versa just by clicking the transaction.

Pending to Sync

All verified transaction will be visible in pending to sync stage, here you won't be able to make any changes to any transaction but you can sync these transactions with your respective accounting software.


Once you sync a verified transaction, all synced transactions will be visible in the synced state here.

Using the blue external link you can View the transaction in your accounting application.

For more information on accounting integration check integration article.

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